Tweakend 06: The best new tweak of the week

We are back with some new tweaks of the week to be able to customize your device in different ways. Stock iOS, to some extent, is always boring, our only hope is to have Apple listen to the people, and insert their requests for a better iOS experience.

In this ‘Tweakend’ installment, we are going to discuss some tweaks to alter the Control Conter invoking on the iPhone X, enable iPad Pro keyboard to the non-pro ones and more.

SquareUI squares the edges of Notifications and Widgets. repo:

iPad Pro Keyboard ports the keyboard that can be found on the Pro version of the iPad to the non-pro iPads.

BottomControlX is a useful tweak for those who wants to invoke the Control Center from the botton of the iPhone X screen, it’s frustrating especially if you want to use the phone with one hand. BottomControlX solves the problem by providing two options to either open the Control Center from the bottom right or left, it’s up to you.

Artsy colorizes some of the most used sections of iOS 11, like the Control Center, Music app and and the music widgets, based off the color of the artwork of the songs. repo:

CCSupport allows you to fully customize the control center modules. Moving, hiding and adding new modules can easily be done using CCSupport

SecondsInTimeX adds a seconds next to the clock indicator on the iPhone X statusbar. repo:

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