Tweakend 04: The best new tweaks of the week

We are going to continue exploring the new tweaks that get released every week with ‘Tweakend’. This week contains tweak to enable rotation mode on iPhone homescreens and non-supported apps, animations when tap to open an app, ability to have Large Titles everywhere and more.

Gyration: allows the landscape mode to be applied on the home screen as well as the homescreen and other apps that don’t support this feature like the Settings app. Available on the BigBoss repo.

SpringAnimations: will add some nice animation effects when launch an app from the home screen, you can set different animation like a bounce effect or to have an app be opened from the left. Available on the BigBoss repo.

LargeTitlesEverywhere: will make all the installed apps have that big titles that stock apps got within them like the Messages app. Available on the Bigboss repo.

FloatyDock: brings the iPad dock on the iPhones, not only that but also the slide over feature to bring the dock from an app. However, you will need to disable “Access Within Apps” in Control Center settings in order to invoke the dock in apps. Available on the BigBoss repo. 

TransparentCCSwitcherBG11: removes the background of both the Control Center and the App Switcher, simple as that. repo:

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