Tweakend 03: The best new tweaks of the week

In this Tweakend episode we gonna be diving into some new tweaks that found their way via the Cydia store throughout the week. As Electra being the most recent jailbreak, new ideas that turned into tweaks keep coming into fruition among the community developers.

Active Display: this tweak is an add-on in the lockscreen. it provides an OLED interface to quickly glance at the time, see your battery status, and see the number of notifications you have. Simply tap the screen to dismiss it. BigBiss repo

ClearSwitcher: removes the blur effects from the background wallpaper of the App Switcher.

ClearFolders: does the same job of ClearSwitcher, but for the folders.

FDots: will hide the Blue updates dots next to the icons, app badges, homescreen page dots and the orange dots of beta testing apps.

LeaveAppMakeBounce: will add a bounce or a zoom-in effect when you quit an app.

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