Tweakend 01: The best new cydia tweaks of the week


Jailbreaking has been in a slow roll for about 2 years now, and that of course will affect the community and developers from making new, innovative tweaks due to not seeing any hope for new jailbreak updates and will result to tweaks get abandoned. But that won’t deter other group of developers to make new tweaks and keep uplifting jailbreakers, one of the reason why I stick with jailbreak is witnessing developers and tweak makers prioritizing their passion and still take their side with the freedom of customizing our devices whatever we want.


Tweakend is a weekly basis serie, where we explore the new tweaks that get released during the week on cydia. In this part we will be talking at some tweaks that bring usability, and aesthetic interface to your iOS device, below you will also see a video for these tweaks in action.


FloatingDock: brings the iPad to the iPhone devices, you get the similiar, not only that but also recent opened apps part on the right side of the dock. You can customize the dock background color, add more icons and much more, the tweak will fit the homescreen well if you have a bigger-size screen iPhone like the 6/7/8, unfortunately, it doesn’t play with the iPhone SE size. repo:

ConfirmInstaLike: is a simple tweak, yet useful for those who accidentally double tap on a instagram picture and it gets liked. Of course you don’t want that to happen to you, ConfirmInstaLike will pop-up as an alert whenever you double tap on an image in Instagram app to ask you if you wanna confirm to like it or not, it’s up to you! repo:

WADarkMode: enables the dark mode theme within the WhatsApp app, once you install the tweak, go to the settings within WhatsApp, you will an icon on the upper-left corner, tap on it to enable the tweak.

ForceAppLang: changes the language for individual apps, so if you wanna set a language for one particular app, go to the settings app and scroll to ForceAppLang, choose the language that you want to see on the app, below you can choose the application to set the language in.

Spotlightless: removes completly the spotlight section from its place above the widget and in the homescreen, you can’t swipe down neither to see the search bar.


You can see these tweaks in action here:







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