Top 5 Must-Have App Store Apps

Most of App Store applications these days are getting recognition either through positive feedback and reviews or their developers are known for having previous reputed applications which solidify their position in the named sphere. But there are some good applications that, due to getting overshadowed by popular applications, flew under the radar and got less praise for what they provide. Underrated is an adequate term for these must-have applications that really serve the need of an iOS user who looks for utility rather than appearance, though they are well-desinged for that matter too. So here are 5 iOS applications that I think they deserve more credits.



More than just a 3rd party app, Typiora is an all-in one extension for your keyboard, everything needed in a keyboard is encompasses in this amazing app. it has a lot of powerful features to help you typing convenietly like Cursor Control, Swipe to Delete, 3D Touch support to capitalize.
Themes are also a part of Typiora, browsing through thousand of beautiful responsive themes, not only that but also you can create your custom themes using the tools inside the app.


Opener allows links that usually open in web view into their native apps, for example, you tap a youtube video link on twitter, it will take you to safari, but with Opener you will get its add-on in the share menu and it will display the Youtube app icon to tap it and go straight to the app.


Another useful application for people who love discovering meaning of words and their origins, LookUp search options is way more than just knowing the significance of a specific word. it exposes you to its etymology along with a wikipedia page built-in, also an image to fully grasp the definitions you are looking up for.

LookUp has a respective section for Word of the Day, new words and definitions with posters as well.


MailTime Email Messeneger

MailTime wanted to move away from the traditional way of using Email and leaned into a texting-like Email User Interface, it smartly sorts and organizes Email and newsletters in a conversational pattern for an easy access on the go.

The main features in the application include managing your emails like in the group chats, and to-do task option with one single click, by using the “@” symbol to quickly assign tasks without leaving the inbox. A too long; Didn’t Read alert is also there in case you have a long email, as well as attaching GIFS within your Email.


Voice Memo, the stock voice recoring app, is a good recording tool, but the lack of options, at least to edit the voice you recorded, makes it a dealbreaker. Ferrite is here to change how you record voices in your iOS, like a Pro.

Whether you do podcasting or just normal voice recording for a project, Ferrite provides a stack of tools to enhance the usability of recording, from multi- track editing and streamlined recording to remove any inappropriate content like language or fix a noisy sentence, to effects and automation available right in your fingertips.


Applications that make your device handy and practical are in constant release, however, there are few that really standout and give you a good first impression to appreciate iOS system even more.

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