TOP 5 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 13 – 13.3

Great tweaks are not hard to find especially when there is already a new jailbreak released, but choosing the compatible ones is a long process of testing and installing, uninstalling and entering safe mode for using the unsupported ones.

But if you are just an average jailbreak consumer who only uses the trusted Cydia tweaks and apps that have already been tried by a tester or developer, then these 5 selected tweaks will ensure a great compatibility and appeal to your daily driver Device that is running iOS 13.



Kicking off the list with a very handy tweak, FlicksForAll, which brings the iPad keyboard to all the iPhones on iOS 13, you will have a rich keypad with characters and punctuations at one glance; just swipe down on a key to type any number or symbol above the letters.



Artemis allows you hide iOS elements system-widely, just like the popular jailbreak tweak Springtomize, you have various options to turn on and cloak things to your liking such as:

  • Hide home bar indicator
  • Home screen: transparent dock, page indicator, hide or rename icon labels, hide recently updated dots, undim screen timed out icon, hide the hourglass label
  • Lock screen: remove Face ID lock icon, control center grabber, quick action buttons, ‘no older notification’ prompt, customize unlock hint, disable charging animation
  • Status bar: rename carrier, hide carrier, hide all status bar items
  • Spotlight search: disable search bar on home screen and/or lock screen’s today view
  • Today View: remove widget edit button and weather and stocks footer’s info

You will also be able to shrink the Media control layout in the Lock screen and remove some of its interface such the background and the knob.

PrimalFolder 2


Folders are customizable through PrimalFolder 2, you can eliminate the open animation, having the folder open the first application inside it when performing a double-tap, as well as replacing the folder icon with an empty or the very first icon to give it a minimal look, the cydia tweak has more options to offer in its preference pane.


in iOS 13, the volume HUD is redesigned to be as a bar that appears on the left edge side of the screen, it then minimizes to a slim one, you can actually have that slim volume bar permanently activated using OnlySmallVolHUD.



The dark mode option can now adapt to the iOS system based on the time zone of the user, DarkSwitch contributes to that feature and adds a setting to switch between Light and Dark theme based on the brightness level of the screen, if you lower it, then the dark mode will be turned on and if you brighten the screen it will toggle on the light mode.

You can see the Cydia tweaks above in actions on these video below:

Let us know what is your favorite one in the comments section.

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