Top 5 3D Touch Tweaks for iOS 12 – 12.1.2

If you ask yourself whether the 3D Touch feature can be expandable or not, the concise answer is “Yes”, tons of jailbreak tweaks made their way to the Cydia store to enhance the usability of the Force touch since the initial release of it. But in iOS 12, there are not many 3D Touch tweaks to discuss. So I went ahead and tested some of them and I have accumulated 5 functional tweaks for iOS 12 Jailbreak.

All of the Cydia tweaks that will be listed below are comletely free, and some of them require a 3rd party repo so you can install them. Of course for non-3D Touch devices, you can enable the features so you can get work on your handset.


Disabling notifications for applications individually will take multipe taps, you go from the Settings to the Notifications section to disable them for each app, with Rooster you can end this hassle by just 3D Touching on the app that you want to toggle off the Notifications for, you will notice the option added to the menu sheet when you activate the force touch. Rooster is available on the Packix repo (default)




Ghosty gets rid of the blur effect in the background of 3D Touch menu to replace it with a subtle transparent background. Available on the BigBoss repo.


Another cool Cydia tweak which allows to launch applications from folder icon using 3D touch, you don’t have tap to open the folder then access the preferred app, simply perform a force touch to reveal all the applications inside that folder. Available on



If you don’t want to open up an app to peek its notifications and you find the red badge icon annoying, ClearBadges3DTouch10 is here for you, it cleares the badge just from the 3D Touch gesture, once you reveal the menu you should see an option that says “Clear Badge Notifications” tap on it and the red badge will vanish immediately. Available on the BigBoss repo.



The last Cydia tweak for the 3D Touch in our list is Tactful, which adds the 3D Touch functionality that is missing in Cydia, you can quickly access sections just by the force touch gesture. Availabe on

Hopefully these Jailbreak tweaks for 3D Touch will enhance your usage of the feature. Let us know what is your favorite one in the comment section below, and subscribe to iOSGate for more iOS and Jailbreaking topics.

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