Tacitus brings AirPods-like experience to connect your Bluetooth devices

Pairing your iPhone or iPad to Apple’s AirPods is oddly satisfying, the smooth connectivity via Bluetooth is what drives lot of Tech heads to lean towards those pricy product, but the little thing that adds up to its conveniency is the design user interface that Apple have adapted when you link them to your iOS Device, the Airpods has an exclusive layout while connecting them, a white box that comes from the bottom of the screen telling you how to pair the bluetooth earphones to your handset. Thanks to jailbreaking and Tacitus, a new Jailbreak tweak that brings the design layout of Airpods pairing experience to all Bluetooth devices jailbroken on iOS 12.

Tacitus enables the beautiful pop-up when you connect the non-AirPods, Bluetooth device with your iPhone and iPad, whether they’re headphones, speakers or any Bluetooth capable appliance. The Cydia tweak has its respective source that should be added as a 3rd party repo within the Sources section, once you download it, a respring as usual is required for the extention to fully function.

There is a preference pane located inside the Settings app for Tacitus, you have a switch to toggle the tweak on and off and down below you should notice different options to configure the appearance – you choose from 3 layouts – either Mini to have the connectivity pop-up as a small banner, Modern as a bar or the Classic layout as the AirPods show while pairing them.

Not only selecting layouts for Tacitus, but also you can opt from Light and Dark Themes, it’s all up to your desire. Those are the important features of the tweak, highly customizable when it comes to its look and appearance, and you will see an option to override the default name.

The Developer is working on improving his tweak and he is aware of the bugs that are being reported to him, he is also open for any feature request. You can download Tacitus from its repo: https://repo.twickd.com for $0.99.

Are you gonna be using Tacitus for what it offers in terms of aesthetics ? chime in in the comment section below.


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    What an awesome tweak. Ive installed this on both iPhone and iPad. When i was listening to a youtuber my phone rang, the video on my iPad paused and the audio switched to my iPhone!!! Absolutely brilliant! I’ve just purchased a set of i12 TWS AirPod copies. I think I’ve got a near copy of the £159 pair from apple! Thanks to this dev.

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