Stratosphere moves the Dock to the top of your iPhone’s Homescreen

The dock has always been a hub for our 4 most used apps, and most of iPhone and iPad users habituated to having the dock at the bottom of their Homescreens, easy to reach, but if you wanna customize the dock to your liking, of course you resort to Jailbreaking, bunch of Cydia tweaks are available to serve your satisfaction, and there is a new tweak that will move completely the dock place from the bottom to top of the screen.

Stratosphere changes the aesthetic of your dock appearance to have it at the top of screen instead of the bottom. The tweak challenges the traditioal ways of customizing that element in and I couldn’t think of Jailbreak tweak that did that before.

Once you install stratosphere on your handset, it will be applied automatically after a relauch of the springboard, the scrollable section within the homescreen will be moved to the bottom and the pages dots will be the last elements at the bottom of the screen along with the last row of the homescreen icons.

There are no options to configure within stratosphere, it is straightforward and it does work right after you download it from Cydia store. In case you wish to disable its functionality, uninstall from the same location and it should be removed.

If you are interested in trying stratosphere, you can found it on the BigBoss repo completely free, and it’s compatible with iOS 12 Jailbreak.

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