ModernAlerts brings tvOS based alerts on iOS 12

Alert pop-ups can sometime be annoying if not boring in their appearance, and Apple have been using the same Alert design for many years, so if you are not able to tame it or hide it, why not alter the look of that alert to make it more appealing to the eyes. ModernAlerts is the Cydia tweak that will bring a makeover to pop-up alerts. The tweak adapts the tvOS alerts layout to iOS realm.

Prior to iOS 12 Jailbreak, there was a Cydia tweak that does the same thing, called Palert, and there have been a lot of requests of jailbreak to have the tweak updated to support iOS 12, but the main developer was not responsive to fullfill the request, so ModernAlerts has to come into the spotlight to be an alternative to Palert.

It comes with many and different options to configure within the tweak Preferenace pane, all located inside the Settings app. You have an Enable switch to toggle the tweak on or off, and test button to preview the change with an alert pop-up test before apply any changes, Custom Background is also included to set variety of backgrounds on top of the blur, The button in the alert is also customizable in terms of colors, as well as setting up a your custom image instead of the blur background. You can also switch between Light and Dark mode, and other options that is discoverable in settings of ModernAlerts.

If you are interested in getting ModernAlerts on your Jailbroken iPhone, you can grab it from Packix repo for $1.49.

Let us know your thoughts about this Cydia Tweak, are you going to be using it on your Device ? Chime in in the comment section below, and subscribe to iOSGate for more topics in jailbreaking and iOS.

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