Latest Samsung video is taking shot at Apple’s old and new iPhones

Samsung, when it comes to marketing, is always going after Apple, either for the attention or to bash one of Apple’s products for the sake of making theirs superior.

In one minute long video called “Moving On”, Samsung tackling some topics that’s been trending about Apple for awhile. The video opens by showing a waiting line, and it was a girl’s turn when she tries to show her informations on an iPhone 6, and the phone lags, whereas Samsung phone handles the situation swiftly. The girl also receives a text message from her “Mom” asking her if she didn’t upgrade from the iPhone 6, the Ad is clearly showing some sense of mockery to a 4-year-old iPhone 6 to precede their flagship phone.

After the lagging issue, it comes the throttling part in order to fix the iPhone 6 battery. But what might seem ridiculous is Samsung’s effort to showcase how powerful their brand new device over an outdated Apple device.

The notch was no exception in this advertisement, outside the Apple Store, a guy holding his son pass by her, having the notch in their foreheads to repeat the backlash of Samsung’s previous take on the iPhone X when it was first announced.

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