iPhone SE 2 with redesigned glass back and headphone jack showcased in pictures

Discussions about the new iPhone SE 2 have been getting a lot of attention recently, questions whether Apple will continue with the small-sized iPhones still obscure, but rumors are there to keep our expectations high, this time from China.

Photos of the new alleged iPhone SE 2 started circulating on chinese social media, showcasing the phone with a glass back, which could be a sign that wireless charging will make its way to the new SE 2.


The phone in its design has the same one as the 1st generation SE, Touch ID is present, 3.5-milimeter headphone jack, a metal band surrounding it, and a rear camera that supposedly won’t has the same perks as the iPhone 8 line.


Apple surely wants to continue with the old design, probably to keep the production expanses for new innovations, and also that design is the flagship of what most of Apple users are craving for. Upgrading to a faster processor with overall speed and performance are sufficient for a new iPhone SE 2 to keep its relevancy.

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