iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Got a Demo Video And This Time We Are Hopeful!


The era of jailbreaking is starting to fall off, not literally but we continue to see the lack of release of new jailbreak tools for the latest iOS versions, Electra being the latest one, many hackers are claiming to have a jailbreak for a recent specific firmware, but this time we have iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak which just got demonstrated, and hope is still our motto.


A hacker under the name of S0rryMyad on Twitter teases an iOS 11.3.1 on a tweet and thanking people who contributed in building the tool. However there is something to be optimistic about in this jailbreak news.


The hacker includes information about his jailbreak, and it looks like he is talking to the “users” of that jailbreak. Usually teasers of a private jailbreak don’t give too much informations or a warning to tell people to be cautious. That’s a point we should consider for this particular teaser, is the hacker hinting at a public release? only time can tell, but one can only hope he would speak about it instead of just throwing shades and play with our emotions.

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