How to update Unc0ver Jailbreak to the latest version on iOS 13.3

Unc0ver jailbreak is now out and everybody can enjoy their devices if they meet the requirements, but what if a new update for the jailbreak tool is available, how do we go by updating ? is a computer machine necessary ? or should we delete the current version to install the latest one ?

Actually, the process is extremely easier than you can imagine, you need few taps to jump into the newest update of Unc0ver.

What we need for this tutorial:

  1. ReProvision v0.5~, repo:
  2. Unc0ver website:

before moving to the How-Tos, make sure you downgrade ReProvision to version 0.5 as it is shown below. This is an important step for the app to function properly

After donwgrading and installing ReProvision, head over to to download the latest update of the jailbreak tool, simply click on the download button to grap the ipa. file:

You should see the progress in the download tab

And once it’s done it will open up the page where you can choose to launch the unc0ver update with ReProvision

If you cannot see the ReProvisin app, simply tap on More and select ‘Copy to ReProvision’

Then it will directly take you to install and sign the new unc0ver jailbreak, hit Install and let the rest on ReProvision

You will get a notification once the app is installed and successfully signed

Congratulations, you have installed the last update of your Unc0ver Jailbreak.

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