How To Speed Up Safari Browsing in iOS 11

Although there are many web brower applications on the App Store, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari is the go-to browser for most of iOS users, default and 3rd-party apps rely mainly on Safari, links are launched from there, as well as installing beta softwares. The web browser has its pros, but the cons are no exception, namely the middling performance. However, there is a workaround to make the experience better.

Within the Settings app, navigate to General > Safari, if you scroll down you will see Experimental Features, enter it and you will notice some options are enabled and others turned off by default, they are meant for iOS developers only, but they can differ according to the iOS verion or product type.

Below you can see some of the features and their functions:

Async Frame Scrolling: Allow web page in iframe run more smoothly.

CSS Spring Animations: Simulate animation effect with CSS.

Secure Contexts API: Protect iPhone against API attack from hackers.

Web Animations: Improve the speed of web animations.

WebGPU: Offer GPU acceleration while browsing.

You can get faster speed just by enabling all options within Experimetal Features section ( keep Web Animation option turned off.) and it is important to mention that you should take a screenshot or remember the options that are ticked off by default, in case any page didn’t load properly within Safari.

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