How To Import Music to your Music Library without iTunes or a Computer – iOS 12 – 12.1.2

The most used device in our daily life is the iPhone, it has completely replaced the computer, we can do pretty much everything on that small-sized device. But sometimes there are obstacles that make that iOS Device not quite competitive when it comes to big task, and one of the main and known matter is file management, there is the Files app but it’s very limited in what it does. Importing and exporting has been a big discussion in the “iOS” field, and while we wait for Apple to unleash the limitation, Cydia is there to provide us with simple solutions for these kind of options.

In this tutorials, we are going to learn how to import any Media files from anywhere to the stock Music app on iOS 12, it’s super simple and easy, and some Tweaks along with the file manager Filza is needed to perform the duty. Let me list for you the requirements below:

  • Safari Plus: Available on the BigBoss repo
  • Filza File Manager (latest version): grab it from its repo:
  • MImport: grab it from its repo:

Note: Make sure Safari Plus has Enhanced Downloads option turned on:

Since you downloaded everything required, let’s go ahead and jump into the tutorial:

The first thing here is to find the media file that you wanna import to the stock Music app, we are going to use Safari Plus to download files from Safari browser, I already chose a media file, tap on download and you should a prompt with 3 options, choose “Download” then it will proceed to downloading the file, you should see a blue banner in the statusbar indicating that.


The download progress should be done by now, single tap on the media file and it should showcase many options, select “Show in Filza” and it will directly take you to the path where the media file is located within Filza, press and hold on it and Copy it then navigate to previous path: var/mobile/Media then Paste the downloaded file in there.


Now close Filza then head over to the stock Music app and you should see a file icon at the right corner, tap on it and then go to Media folder and you should notice the media file there.

once you tap on it it will display the informations about the media, you can modify pretty much anything like the title and artwork, then tap on Import, at this point you the media file can be seen in the Music library.


The method is done all from your iOS Device, thanks to Jailbreaking and its developers, one can only hope Apple add this as a built-in option in our iOS Device in the future, instead of using a computer machine and iTunes.

You can check out the tutorial in action in the video that I did back in iOS 11:

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