How to hide Photos and unhide them later

We all have someone that loves to go through our photos library, swiping left and right, and we know we have some photos that could be embarrassing or you don’t want people to see those photos and you wish you could hide them temporarily from your albums. Well you can do so with a simple tap through the stock photos app.

This easy tip will create a new album within the Camera Roll and it will be named “Hidden”, a place where your hidden photos will be stored, and of course you can bring them back whenever you want.

Step1: Open the Photos app, tap Select and choose the image or multiple ones you want to hide

Step2: Tap on the share button on the botton-left corner

Step3: On the share sheet menu, scroll to the right until you see “Hide” button, tap on it to hide the photos.

Once you’ve done the steps above, you can notice the images you’ve chosen has been disappeared from the photos album, to bring them back, simply go inside the “Hidden” album and tap on the share button to bring the menu sheet, then tap the unhide button to place them back into their initial album

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