How to fix Messages app notifications with unc0ver Jailbreak app on iOS 13.3

Here we are with the Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.3, most of the users seem to be having a good experience so far and tweaks that are certified to be compatible with iOS 13 are running smoothly, except for a known issue after you jailbreak your device, which is the notifications for the Messages app.

I use iMessage most of the time when it comes to texting, and earlier when I jailbroke my iPhone XR, I did notice that I didn’t not receive any notification alert while I am able to see the badge on the app icon on the Messages application.

If you’re like me and everybody who is having this issue, don’t panic — your notifications are turned on — it’s just the Unc0ver jailbreak stopping the notifications specifically for the Messages app; it is a common issue among everybody now.

Fortunately, you can quickly fix that by just running a command line that will restart the device and will make Messages notifications appear again.

What you will need for this tutorial:

  1. iCleaner Pro, repo:
  2. Newterm for iOS 13, from Hashbang repo (default repo)

Now that we got the tools we need, go ahead and launch iCleaner pro and tap on Clean:

It will respring the device once it’s done analyzing it. Next step open up Newterm app

You will need to type a username and passoword to access the root of your Device, the generic credentials for every iOS device are:

username: su root
password: alpine

Now that you have root access, you have to run a command and the device will restart.

Type ldrestart (L lowercase) as it is shown above.

After the reboot the notifications will function as usual like a charm.

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    What if I have ran this entire thing through a couple times and having the same issue? I have checked my notification settings as well and that’s all normal. I receive notifications when my phone is unlocked, but not when it’s locked. Any suggestions would be BEYOND appreciated.

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