How to Fake Location on your Device – iOS 11 / 11.1.2

Faking location has always been a feature that everybody wants on their mobile devices, wether to prank friends, or to hide your default location so you can’t be tracked,

In this trick you will need the stock iOS 11 Maps, and a tweak from Cydia called AkLocationX, so yeah you need to be jailbroken in order to apply this trick on your device.

Step1: Launch the Maps app, go the search bar and type the location you want to be in

Step2: Once you did so, you gonna a red location logo on the map, tap on it

Step3: Next, scroll down on the search tab and you will see two section under the icons of the Adress, Latitude and Longitude

Step4: You will need to copy those numbers under Latitude and Longitude to the settings of AkLocationX located in the Settings app

Step5: Close the settings app and go to the app that you wanna see your fake location in. Enjoy


Here is a how-to video for the tutorial above:

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