How to Enable 3D Touch feature for Older Devices on iOS 12 – 12.1.2

3D Touch or Force Touch has become one the must-have features in the iOS Eco System, it’s a shortcut to our day-to-day tasks, like moving the cursor of the keyboard just by 3D Touch on it, accessing a specific categorie within an app and much more.

This precious feature is available to some handsets unfortunately, namely the ones above the iPhone 6s model. Apple also didn’t include the force touch option in their iPhone XR and instead replace it with a less-functional feature called Haptic Touch.

But thanks to Jailbreaking and their developers, the 3D Touch can be ported as a native trait to our older devices, by using a Cydia tweak called Peek-A-Book.

Once you install the tweak, you’re going to be required to respring your iOS device to have the option applied on the handset. After doing so, Peek-A-Boo should work by just Force touching an app on the Homescreen or a task that is usually done through 3D Touch.

Of course there is a preference pane for the jailbreak tweak that is located in the Settings apps

Above you can:

• Disable or Enable the tweak
• Adjust the peek of sensitivity
• Adjust the pop sensitivity
• Enable/Disable the Haptic Feedback on peek or on pop
• Ability to turn on the option to peek at the messages within the Messages app

Peek-A-Boo feels like a built-in feature for non-supported devices like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, and the perks of having your older iPhone jailbroken is to take advantage of the latest and greatest features software wise without spending a dime on an expensive hardware device.

A tip that you can also use while having a 3D Touch functionality is jailbreaking the handset with Unc0ver just by using the feature on the App Icon:


The Cydia tweak is available on Packix repo ( and it’s compatible with iOS 12 and completely FREE.

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