How To Disable New Instagram Screenshot Notifications Feature


Instagram has included a new option to notify people who post Instagram Stories that the viewers take a screenshot of their stories. No question that Instagram is following the steps of Snapchat since the latter reject to be owned by them.

There is no toggle to disable the option or a default method to do so, but with some simple tricks, you can manage to turn off the “seen” feature and take a screenshot without the stories poster noticing it.



Trick 1:

Before you take a screenshot, turn Airplane Mode off, take a screenshot, turn it on right after you take your screenshot

Trick 2:

the web-based Instagram is also a great way to grab a screenshot secretly and you’re good to go.

While we are using this tricks, we hope Instagram could listen to the users and deliver a request of providing a toggle to switch this feature off. If not, Jailbreak tweaks will do the job perfectly in the future.

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