How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection from Apps & Games – iOS 12 / 12.1.2

If you have been jailbreaking for a while, you will know that most of the jailbreakers struggle with applications that block or detect the iOS devices that are in a jailbroken state. Popular apps and games like Mario Run, Paypal and others, are determined to deter the users who like to customize their handset to the fullest, from using them until they get rid of the jailbreak mode.

But the goal of rooting or jailbreaking is not to cause harm to the device itself, of course we should beware of its cons, but the pros are mostly the prominent perks of it, we cannot deny that there are people who take advantage of jailbreaking to reach their bad intentions, whether to breach some kind of security or just to pirate applications. However, the flagship of jailbreaking and most of users who choose to do it is to free the restrictions of the iOS system.

So, if you’re a jailbreaker and you want to use an application or a game that detects jailbreak and blocks it. Liberty Lite got covered

The Cydia tweak is lightweight and really straightforward, it does its job, which is blocking the jailbreak detection within apps and games.

Once you installed the Jailbreak tweak, it will require you to respring, the preference panel for it is located in the Settings app.

As you can see above, you have two options within the preference of Liberty Lite, Enabling the tweak to function, and Block Jailbreak Detection, once you tap that option, you’ll see all the applications and games installed on your iOS Device.

There you will be able to toggle on the app that deters you from using it, once you turned the switch on for the preferred app, make sure sure to close the app from the background in the App Switcher, relaunch it and it will be opened as normal.

And there you have it, Liberty Lite got you covered to avoid any jailbreak detection inside your favorite applications and games.

To grab the tweak, Simply add this repo on the sources section within Cydia:

Give the repo sometime to load and search for Liberty Lite.

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