How to add 3D Touch Functionality to Cydia app iOS 12

There is no doubt that 3D Touch feature is saving tons of time when it comes to productivity on your iOS Device, making it as a solid shortcut to the multipe taps we used to perform in order to access a particular section in our iPhones. But the shortcomings of that option is remarkable for other elements in the operation system, especially if you are a fellow Jailbreaker and you use Cydia on a regular basis. And Tactful is here to have the main functions of Cydia app just from outside the 3D Touch menu.

The jailbreak tweak is really handy and a sweet addition, it adds the Force touch feature to the Cydia app icon, if you own an iOS Device lower than iPhone 6s, make sure to enable the 3D Touch functionality on your handset in order to take advantage of Tactful.

Once you download the Cydia tweak, you will be required to relaunch your springboard so the tweak can be applied right after the refresh, there is not option to configure, Tactful will automatically work. Force touch on the Cydia app icon to reveal its menu, from there you will be able to open Cydia to Refresh repos, go directly to the pop-up field to add a source or simply just check the recent packages that you installed and the last option within the 3D Touch menu is jump direcly to the Search category within Cydia.

This way you can have a quick method to access a category within Cydia. Since we have this useful feature, why not we expand it to our adjustment, many jailbreak tweaks like Tactuful are the reasons why we Jailbreak initially in the first place, You can grab the tweak from its 3rd party repo below:

Add the source and allow it to load for sometimes, then search for the tweak. It’s compatible with iOS 12 and completely FREE.




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