How To Activate Safe Mode on your Device in iOS 12

Have you ever wanted to enter Safe Mode due to an issue in your iOS Device? just to be able to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch freely and in its light state version without the pressure of the bunch of data that the mobile device contains. Well, in the realm of jailbreaking, most of the users encounter problems when it comes to tweaks and Cydia apps, many times jailbreakers find themselves bootlooping or freezing their devices because of installing a wrong tweak or non-compatible one. But like always, developers are clever enough to create something to help the rookies to solve their iOS issues. By activating Safe Mode, you will be able to remove the tweak or the culprit that causes the problems your device.

Togglesafe is simple, yet an important Cydia tweak that will make your iOS device enters Safe Mode using the Ringer switch on the side of your iPhone.

So to enable to mentioned mode just switch between ring and mute 3 times and it has to be done rapidly. Once you perform that action, you will then notice the homescreen icons fading away, the iOS device will respring and you should be getting a pop-up alert that your Springboard is running in Safe Mode.

Your jailbroken device will running will be tweakless, which means all the tweaks that you have will not function in that state. However, Cydia will still be running perfectly, you can Install and uninstall anything from inside it.

A reboot or respring will revert your iPhone back to its normal state, but you can exit Safe Mode manually by tapping on the “Exist Safe Mode” that shows on the statusbar, then tap on “Restart” within the alert, your device will relaunch and back to its jailbreak state.


If you wanna grab Togglesafe from Cydia, add the developer repo in the Sources category:

Allow the source to load for sometime, search for the tweak and install it. it will work enabled automatically after you respring the handset.

Back in iOS 11, I made a video about Togglesafe, so if you wanna see the Jailbreak tweak in action, make sure to check it out below:

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