Dark Mode will finally see the light in iOS 13

The Dark Mode option has been the hot topic when it comes to the most wanted features in iOS sphere, we’ve been expecting Apple to include it since forever and guess what, iOS 13 will finally unleash that option to the iOS users and we will be able to have it natively.

An article written in Bloomberg, has the rumors of iOS 13 and what we should expect from the upcoming operating system by Apple.

The article starts by speculating the new iPhones specs and hardware wise, and which features the mobile software has in store for the public, from Live Photos revamp, to more iPad features like new home screen and refined file management system. And then the articles proceed to mention that iOS 13 will have the Dark Mode as a built-in features:

Apple’s next operating system update, iOS 13, will include a dark mode option for easier nighttime viewing and improvements to CarPlay, the company’s in-vehicle software. There will also be iPad-specific upgrades like a new home screen, the ability to tab through multiple versions of a single app like pages in a web browser, and improvements to file management. The company will also integrate two new services, including a magazine subscription service and its original video content efforts, via iOS updates this year.


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