BEST iOS 12 – 12.1.2 NEW Tweaks of the week – Tweakend #2

We are back with a new roundup of Tweakend for the best jailbreak tweaks that have been released during the week, from Monday 11th to Sunday 17th. So this is going to be the part 2 in Tweakend installation, so if you missed last week compilation, definitely check it out.

NintendoSwitchHUD‌ brings the NintendoSwitch volume HUD style to iOS 12, so the intrusive HUD will be transformed into a layout based to your gaming console. Available on Packix repo (default).


XB-SpotlightScroll gives you the ability to invoke other options instead of the stock spotlight, you can either Lock your device, invoke the App Switcher or Control Center, so it’s done by swiping to the left where the spotlight is located. Available on the BigBoss repo (default).

CustomizeMyDock changes the look of your Homescreen dock, you can customize the corner to make them rounded, colorize the background or completely hide. Available on

WiCellSwitcher is a smart Cydia tweak, it automatically disables the Cellular option if the you manually turn the Wifi toggle on, and vice versa, there is no options to configure, it works right after you download it and respring. Available on

BetterReachability if you’re using a bigger-sized iOS Device, then definitely get this tweak, it resize the screen to fit one hand usage easily, just activate Reachability and it should minimize the whole screen, you can resize to even smaller scale or bigger, OneHandWizard was a jailbreak tweak that did this but it hasn’t gained an update for iOS 12. So BetterReachability is a good replacement for it and free. Available on


Stratosphere alters the position of your Dock to be at the top instead of the bottom, simple as that. Available on BigBoss repo.

Tweakend will continue to bring new fresh tweaks every weekend, and as per usual if you want to check the tweaks above in action below:

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