BEST iOS 12 – 12.1.2 NEW Tweaks of the week – Tweakend #1

With the flux that the jailbreak scene has been witnessing the last of couple of days, like the back-to-back updates for the official tool unc0ver and the veteran tweaks like Activator. Developer are coming together to keep creating new jailbreak tweaks, whether you’re new to this realm or an oldhead, you’ll always try to find new tweaks that meet your needs when it comes to the user experience.

Welcome to Tweakend, a serie where you discover the best new Cydia tweaks, and most of these extensions will surely catch your attention, as long as you love to have the full potential of your iOS Device.

Most of these tweaks are free and have their own respective repos, the 3rd party ones that need to be added in Sources category. So this roundup will include the best ones that were released between Monday, March 4th to Sunday, March 10th.


If you’re an avid lover of Dark Mode, you’ll definitely love this tweak, it enables a dark keyboard system-widely and within all the applications that are running in your iOS Device. Available on the BigBoss repo.


If you wanna keep one of your conversations inside the Messages app secured, LockConversations got covered, with its simple step to lock a conversation tab, swipe from the left and you should notice the “Do Not Disturb” glyph along with a text previous that says “locked”. It will then require from you a password, Touch ID or Face ID… and to Unlock the conversation, you just have to swipe again from the left and it should be unlocked for you, easy peasy. The Cydia tweak is available in the BigBoss repo.


Cuboid is an awesome tweak for the homescreen, it gives you the ability to customize the icons layout to your liking, once you install it, the activation can be done by tapping and holding on an app icon to enter the jiggle mode, then one long press on the statusbar to display Cuboid Settings. There you can modify the offset and the padding between the homescreen icons, select the layout desired and you’ll also see an option to save a backup of the chosen layout, and to revert all the changes, tap on Miscellaneous and “Reset All Settings”. It’s availabe on



Another interesting tweak to activate the Flash Light using the side button, either the Volume Up or Down, and the Power button… all the changes can done from the preference pane of VolFlash. It’s available on

Inside Up

Inside Up makes your iPhone get locked whenever you turn its face down. It’s available on

Video Direction Control

Instead of keep turning the Rotation Lock on and off just to watch a video, this jailbreak tweak forces the videos to always play in the landscape mode even if the Rotation Lock option toggled on. It’s available BigBoss repo.

If you wanna see the Cydia tweaks above in action, make sure to check out the video below:


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