AppShortcut allows you to quickly access your favorite iOS apps from anywhere

The App Switcher element is often used to fastly switch between the applications that are running in the background, whether you double-tap on the home button, or activating it with a swipe-up action from the iPhone X-devices. But what if I told you that you can take your favorite apps anywhere with you within your device ? Now you can do so with AppShortcut.

The new jailbreak tweak provides a quick access to your desired iOS apps, it’s available as a button that you can expand to reveal your favorite application and launch them from there, without the going to the App Switcher section.

We have AssistiveTouch that allows us to change, enable or disable options systemically. AppShortcut is pretty much like that feature but it is preserved only for iOS Applications, and of course with more customizations to its settings.

Once you install the tweak from Cydia, you will be required to respring your iPhone device as usual, and the preference pane for the tweak can be found inside the Settings app, there you can do configure the options of AppShortcut to your liking:


Above you can:

  • Select your favorite apps (unlimited)
  • Hide the tweak within particular apps
  • Enable Dark Mode theme or turn it off to Light Mode
  • Set the button to stay anywhere

After choosing the options for the extension, you will have to respring your device to apply the changes.

AppShortcut behaves exactly like AssistiveTouch when it comes to interactivity, for example if you don’t touch it for a while, it will automatically adapt a fading effect and snap to the edge corner of your Apple device, it also works within the Lockscreen.

If you are interested in trying the jailbreak tweak, it is available on Packix repo for $1.99. Let us know how did you find the functionalities of this quick switching add-on ? will you be using it in your jailbroken device ? voice your opinion in the comments down below.

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