5 Best iPad tweaks – iOS 11 / 11.1.2


There is no question that iOS 11 has made the iPads one of the stongest devices to get your work done, although the latest and greatest iOS firmware is suffering from bugs here and there, Apple delivered a version full of handy features to get serious with your workflow on the iPad. However, iOS users, or if you like Jailbreakers, will still see iOS 11 as a lack of the core perks that should have been added natively instead of going through the jailbreak, but sometimes it’s worth it. For example the ability to kill Apps from the App Switcher with one single tap, or to add more toggles like location, reboot, respring etc… So in this post we’re gonna highlight 5 of the best Cydia Tweaks for the iPads.


A tweak that takes advantage of the big screen and adapts the icons inside the folder to be expanded based on the screen size.


With one single tap on the button added on App Switcher, you can clear the background from the apps that are running with KillBackground11, you can customize the size of the buttons, exclude the music and other applications from being cleared. repo: http://cydia.ichitaso.com


FingerTouch allows you to use the Touch ID as the Home button, simply tap the ringer around the home button to activate actions, which you can also change within the settings of the tweak, you have different tap gestures, and different actions like Screenshot, Switch to last App and much more


There are many applications that still don’t support the split-view in the iPads, like settings app, if you drag it to the side, it will be opened to full-screen mode, RequireFull will make all the apps run in that mode.


EzCC will add more toggles for switches and applications in the Control Center, it won’t do it by default, but they can be found in the Control Center’s Customize Control section in the settings, you can toggles like Location and applications for a quick access, the tweak requires another tweak to function properly. you an grab EzCC from its source: http://repo.auxiliumdev.com/ and the required tweak called Silo: https://packix.ioscreatix.com/

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