5 Best Cydia Tweaks for the stock Photos App – iOS 12

The Photos app is probably the most sensitive side in our iOS device, we hold a lot of visual privacy in it, and we do our best to protect what we have inside that app. However, the shortcomings of the beloved Operating System “iOS” confines us from the important extensions to lock our privacy.

The smallest tools to use in order to block a friend to scroll through your photos is not there, and what if you want to permanently remove the unwanted pictures without struggling with multiple taps within “Recently Deleted” albums ? again, that’s why jailbreaking exists, the allowance of making the most out of your Photos app is what these Cydia tweaks will brought to your iOS Device.


A simple jailbreak tweak, that easily displays the size of a specific photo or video within the stock Photos app. All you have to do is select the picture and the size of it will display in the Navigation Bar. Available on the BigBoss repo.


DeleteForever allows to permanently delete a photo or video from your Albums without having it saved in the “Recently Deleted” album, select the picture that you wanna remove and a new option will be added to the menu sheet “Permanently Delete Photo”, once you choose that option, the tweak will completely delete your picture instead of saving it on “Recently Deleted” section. It’s available on the BigBoss repo.

Telt X

This Cydia tweak is a very useful one, it gives the ability to blocks other users of your photo to swipe through the pictures, to activate Telt X, tap and hold on the preferred photo, and a pop up should appear says “Only Look” tap on that and it will show the photo, and the screen will be locked to that photo. The user then will not be able to swipe or dismiss the photo, he will instead get an alert saying “Please do not swipe…”, and to turn off this option, double tap on the screen and the swiping turns back on. It’s available on the BigBoss repo.


Another handy jailbreak tweak, which adds the time label when you try to trim a clip within the Photos app, this is a much needed feature if you’re always refining the clips of your videos, there is also an options within the preference pane of TrimTime that shows also the total trim length. It’s available on the Packix repo for $0.99.


The last Cydia tweak in our list, the name of it describes what it does, it basically allows you to favorite multiple photos at once, usually the stock Photos app doesn’t permit that, instead you have to go through each picture and tap on the Heart icon to favorite, but MarkFavourites makes it easier for you. It’s available on the Packix repo.

These are the 5 best Jailbrek tweaks to enhance the user experience inside the stock Photos app, and to see these tweaks in action, make sure to check out the video below:


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