AppShortcut allows you to quickly access your favorite iOS apps from anywhere

The App Switcher element is often used to fastly switch between the applications that are running in the background, whether you double-tap on the home button, or activating it with

NCGrabberInfo adds informations to the grabbers of the NC and CC

We all have been in a situation where we don’t want to get distracted while we are playing a game or watching a movie in fullscreen mode. However, we do

BEST iOS 12 – 12.1.2 NEW Tweaks of the week – Tweakend #2

We are back with a new roundup of Tweakend for the best jailbreak tweaks that have been released during the week, from Monday 11th to Sunday 17th. So this is

ModernAlerts brings tvOS based alerts on iOS 12

Alert pop-ups can sometime be annoying if not boring in their appearance, and Apple have been using the same Alert design for many years, so if you are not able

Top 5 3D Touch Tweaks for iOS 12 – 12.1.2

If you ask yourself whether the 3D Touch feature can be expandable or not, the concise answer is “Yes”, tons of jailbreak tweaks made their way to the Cydia store

Tacitus brings AirPods-like experience to connect your Bluetooth devices

Pairing your iPhone or iPad to Apple’s AirPods is oddly satisfying, the smooth connectivity via Bluetooth is what drives lot of Tech heads to lean towards those pricy product, but

Stratosphere moves the Dock to the top of your iPhone’s Homescreen

The dock has always been a hub for our 4 most used apps, and most of iPhone and iPad users habituated to having the dock at the bottom of their

How To Import Music to your Music Library without iTunes or a Computer – iOS 12 – 12.1.2

The most used device in our daily life is the iPhone, it has completely replaced the computer, we can do pretty much everything on that small-sized device. But sometimes there

How to add 3D Touch Functionality to Cydia app iOS 12

There is no doubt that 3D Touch feature is saving tons of time when it comes to productivity on your iOS Device, making it as a solid shortcut to the

Twitter launched a brand new app to beta test new unreleased features for Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Twitter has just announced a new app that will allow anyone to become a beta tester of the official Twitter app for the iPhone and iPad The testers will get